Guide Updates

  • 11th March 2018: Emmetts Farm Shop updated Sunday opening hours (now 10-2)
  • 2nd January 2018: NEW ENTRY! Rex Artisan Bakery
  • 19th December 2017: Fresh Fruits shop entry deleted (it had closed down several years ago) 
  • 28th August 2016: Pasture Farm Juice (formerly Pasture Farm Plants) now provides complete fruit pressing and bottling service, with new website
  • 24th January 2016: Rebellion Brewery now sells a range of produce alongside beer in its Brewery Shop, and now open Mon-Sat 8-7
  • April 2014: Review commenced of all entries to check currency. If you find something that is wrong, or discover a new potentially qualifying business, please let us know via the contact form on this site or e-mail
  • 23rd May 2013: NEW ENTRY! Malt The Brewery, new local brewer based at Collings Hanger Farm, Prestwood. Welcome.
  • 23rd May 2013: NEW ENTRY! Marlow Community Market, reintroducing a local food market to Marlow. Welcome
  • 7th March 2013: NEW ENTRY! Flowerland, garden centre near Bourne End where foodhall and catering feature locally-sourced food. Welcome
  • 16th February 2013: NEW ENTRY! Ten Mile Menu, a new ‘local online supermarket’ based in Speen. Welcome.
  • 3rd January 2013: Marlow Country Fayre has ceased trading because of the surrender of the street licence by the organiser due to personal circumstances

  • 16th August 2012: Timpsons Smallholdings now also attend Princes Risborough Food and Crafts Market

  • 20th July 2012: The Berkshire Pig Company now trade as The Black Pig Chiltern Hills

  • 10th July 2012: Hitcham House Dairy Ice Cream have revised opening hours, and now stock Terrick Beef products

  • 11th May 2012: update to
    Local Roots and Princes Risborough Food
    & Crafts Market

  • 15th April 2012: NEW
    ENTRIES! Timpsons Smallholding
    of Stokenchurch and Chalfont
    in Chalfont St Peter.

  • 29th March 2012: various
    small updates including – Laceys
    Family Farm
    are now producing
    luxury ice-cream and supplying a local
    cake-maker. Rockwell End Farm
    now have a new website and
    pork is now always available.
    Waltham Place Farm
    is now
    attending Beaconsfield and Maidenhead
    Farmers’ Markets. The Wildflour
    now has new contact
    details, extra availability and a shop
    in Windsor.

  • 24th January 2011:
    Chesham Local Produce Market
    has “How Green is your Market” award
    recognised as well as their Facebook &
    Twitter accounts added.

  • 15th December 2011: NEW
    ENTRY! H.A. Price & Sons
    family butchers in Holtspur.

  • 26th November 2011: NEW
    ENTRY! Drovers Hill Farm
    in the North section. Welcome

  • 24th November 2011:
    update to Flexmore Farm
    adding Xmas Turkeys & attendance to
    Beaconsfield Farmers Market

  • 19th November 2011:
    correction to the phone number of
    Gorvett & Stone

  • 19th November 2011: added
    the new website address for
    Hitcham Dairy Ice Cream

  • 11th November 2011:
    amended website address and details for
    the Maidenhead Farmers Market

  • 11th November 2011:
    Princes Risborough Farmers
    now is a Food and Crafts
    Market with revised details

  • 11th November 2011: NEW
    ENTRY!! Sam’s Jams & Chutneys
    added to the East section. Welcome!

  • 11th November 2011:
    Tweet buttons added for
    those of you who want to tweet a link to
    your followers – one for every supplier!

  • 10th November 2011: TThe FOOD Group now have
    a Facebook page here!

  • 13th October 2011:
    Flexmore Farm entry
    updated to correctly reflect their
    product range

  • 13th October 2011: NEW
    ENTRY!! The Physic Garden
    in Beaconsfield added to the
    East section. Welcome!

  • 23rd September 2011:
    Nettlebed Village Shop & Post
    gets a new address

  • 22nd September
    2011: entries for The Chiltern Brewery,
    The Five Horseshoes
    Britwell Salome Farm Shop
    been updated.

  • 31st July 2011:
    Bourne End Community Market

    added. Welcome!

  • 31st July 2011: amended
    opening times for Hughenden

  • 7th July 2011:
    Daws Hill Vineyard
    J.A.R.M Farm
    added. Welcome!

  • 25th June 2011:
    Halls of Hazlemere

  • 24th June 2011 –
    Debs Cakes
    no longer attend
    Prestwood Market -instead they attend
    Marlow Country Fayre once a month.

  • 29th March 2011 new vendor added:
    Terrick Beef, Grove Farm, HP17 0UA

  • 6th Nov 2010: Marlow
    Country Fayre
    entry added replacing
    the old Farmers’ Market

  • 8th Nov 2010: correction
    to the Beaconsfield Farmers’ Market
    entry which now reads correctly as being
    on the 4th Saturday of every month
    not the 4th Sunday.

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