“The Big Flatline” by Jeff Rubin

ISBN 978-0-230-34218-7. “The Big Flatline – Oil and the No-Growth Economy” by Jeff Rubin was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2012. You remember Jeff don’t you? He wrote the outstanding “How Your World is About to get a Whole Lot … Continue reading

“The Long Descent” John Michael Greer

ISBN 978-0-86571-609-4. “The Long Descent – A User’s Guide to the End of the Industrial Age” by John Michael Greer was published by New Society in 2008. Well over two years ago we reviewed Greer’s “The Ecotechnic Future” and generally quite … Continue reading

Genetic Modification in our food: the gloves come off

Nothing more clearly illustrates the division between old fashioned green thinking & the modern sustainability movement than Genetically Modified food. A recent clash of Tweets between author Mark Lynas (“The God Species“) and Dr Vandana Shiva (author “Soil Not Oil“) exposes just … Continue reading

“Future Scenarios” by David Holmgren

ISBN 978 1 900322 50 8. “Future Scenarios – How communities can adapt to peak oil and climate change” by David Holmgren was published by Green Books in 2009. Although only three or four years old this book already looks dated … Continue reading

Big Box/Little Box & the future of High Wycombe?

Ever enjoyed the movies “Megamind” or “Despicable Me”? They both depict stereotypical bad guys who are thrown into the role of being good guys. Who, today, are our cartoon bad guys? We were challenged for our obvious delight that Hobbycraft were coming to Wycombe Marsh retail park. The … Continue reading