Dangerous Ideas Lead to Dangerous Places

At time of writing (October 2016) the British economy and its political classes are undergoing the shit-storm called “Brexit” – the British exit from the European Union. The referendum that lead to this catastrophe was marked by the most blatant … Continue reading

The Lion’s Share: a New Deal for Government

ISBN 978-1-907720-28-4. “The Courageous State: Rethinking Economics, Society and the Role of Government” by Richard Murphy was published by Searching Finance in 2011. We are familiar with Richard’s work via his Twitter feed @RichardJMurphy and his work at Tax Research … Continue reading

“The Price of Inequality” by Joseph E. Stiglitz

ISBN 978-0-393-34506-3. “The Price of Inequality – How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future” by Joseph E. Stiglitz was published by W.W. Norton & Company Inc in 2013 (this the paperback with new Preface, original hardback from 2012). This looks … Continue reading

“Vultures’ Picnic” by Greg Palast

ISBN 978-1-78033-651-0. “Vultures’ Picnic – A Tale of Oil, High Finance and Investigative Reporting” by Greg Palast was published (in the UK) by Constable & Robinson Ltd in 2012 (Dutton/Penguin in the US in 2011). We reviewed Palast’s “The Best … Continue reading

“Hopes and Prospects” by Noam Chomsky

ISBN 978-0-141-04530-6. “Hopes and Prospects” by Noam Chomsky was published by Penguin Books in 2010. It must be, say, over five years since we read one of Chomsky’s books. He remains a publishing phenomenon although lately his books have been … Continue reading