“Newspeak in the 21st Century” by David Cromwell & David Edwards

ISBN 978 0 7453 2893 5. “Newspeak in the 21st Century” by David Edwards and David Cromwell was published by Pluto Press in 2009. This is one of three books from the writing team behind Media Lens. [We have previously … Continue reading

“Climate Change Denial” by Haydn Washington & John Cook

ISBN 978-1-84971-336-8. “Climate Change Denial – Heads in the Sand” by Haydn Washington & John Cook was published in 2011 by Earthscan. 2011 seems a lifetime ago. The book was written around the time of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference. Yet this remains … Continue reading

“Why Are We The Good Guys?” by David Cromwell

ISBN 978-1-78099-365-2. “Why are we the good guys? – Reclaiming your mind from the delusions of propaganda” by David Cromwell was published by Zero Books in 2012. We last reviewed one of David’s works four years ago when he jointly … Continue reading

Is High Wycombe “crap”?

“Wycombe in the running to be named ‘Britain’s Crappest Town’” went the headline. Well that’s a red flag to a bull isn’t it? To make it worse the local media implored the local population to “stand-up” to defend the town or … Continue reading

The Undefinable Word

How do we communicate concern for the “environment” if we cannot even share a definition of what it is? We think we all know yet this is demonstrably untrue.This communication problem is perfectly illustrated by little blue men. The Smurfs appeared over fifty years ago … Continue reading