Big Box/Little Box & the future of High Wycombe?

Ever enjoyed the movies “Megamind” or “Despicable Me”? They both depict stereotypical bad guys who are thrown into the role of being good guys. Who, today, are our cartoon bad guys? We were challenged for our obvious delight that Hobbycraft were coming to Wycombe Marsh retail park. The … Continue reading

“The Plundered Planet” by Paul Collier

ISBN 978-0-1410-4214-5. “The Plundered Planet – How to Reconcile Prosperity with Nature” by Paul Collier was published in 2010 by Allen Lane (although the review copy was the 2011 imprint by Penguin Books). With a title like that this sounds … Continue reading

“How Markets Fail” by John Cassidy

ISBN 978-0-141-03651-9. “How Markets Fail – The Logic of Economic Calamities” by John Cassidy was published by Penguin in 2009 (although this is a review of the 2010 reprint which has an extra “Afterword” at the end covering 2009 to … Continue reading