Money as Debt II

“Money as Debt II – Promises Unleashed” Moonfire Studios 2009. The sequel to the 2006 47 minute animated documentary on Monetary Reform. The new movie, also by Paul Grignon, is stretched out to 77 minutes. You might wonder what on earth Paul had to add to his previous epic adventure? It may have been more timely if this had been release one year earlier but any time through 2007, 2008 & 2009 was probably OK. People at this time were living through a recession that the media had talked up to be the worst since the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Great Depression. Whilst MADI focused on the micro-economics of the Banking system its sequel focuses on the Macro-Economics of how our money-debt system leads to the success or failure of entire economies. Obviously Paul makes best use of his opportunity to milk the issue of Bank Bailouts using borrowed Government Money that the Taxpayers will have to pay off. The Movie Concludes with Richard Heinberg’s “Peak Everything” blazed across the screen just in case anyone was in any doubt as to WHY he money-debt system MUST be replaced. It is in a collision course with the finite resources on a finite planet. The money-debt system requires infinite exponential growth. Its failure is written into its operating system.

The new movie is more sophisticated in its examination of the system and goes a long way to answer any criticisms that may have been raised by MADI. Although beautifully constructed in the same style as MADI the new movie is overly-long. Whereas MADI does manage to lose the audience about half-way through MADII succeeds in losing the audience on several occasions. This will be a problem for a public showing. It has lost some of its ‘snappiness’ and some of its impact. This is a shame as this movie is essential viewing. After “The End of Suburbia” this may even be one of the most important movies you will ever watch. It is utterly profound and does its damnest to explain the most complicated of topics to ordinary members of the public. Frankly most members of the public will view this as a very dull school-education video and simply won’t “get” it. This probably matters less if you can get someone to watch MADI.

However MADII completes the big picture. You will understand nothing if you only understand Climate Change. You will understand something if you understand Climate Change and Peak Oil. However you only get the whole picture of you can understand the burning need for Monetary Reform and Decarbonisation. They are, if you pardon the pun, flip sides of the same coin. The exhaustion of resources for waste or energy is all a result of an economic system that CANNOT SLOW DOWN OR IT WILL COLLAPSE. That is what Bank Bailouts are all about. We will destroy everything we hold dear just to perpetuate something that cannot be perpetuated other than by an infinite amount of debt that will NEVER be repaid. Not until we drain the last Oil well and filled the sky with Green House Gasses will we realise that collapse is the only option. We must come off the Debt system in order come off the Carbon energy system. Do this and you stabilise the population and economy to a zero growth of deflating system. The system has to deflate to fit inside the straitjacket of this planet’s finite resources. No choice, no get out of jail card. The DVD release come packaged with a revised edition of MADI. Recommended.

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