Lawrence Solomon “The Deniers – The World-renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution and fraud (and those who are too fearful to do so)”

ISBN 978-0-9800763-1-8. “The Deniers – The World-renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution and fraud (and those who are too fearful to do so)” was written by Lawrence Solomon and published by Richard Vigilante Books in 2008. Any stalwart believer in man-made climate change is going to have to over-come a couple of hurdles before they pick up this book. Firstly, the ludicrous title! Although the book suggests anecdotally that several scientists may have been isolated, for their beliefs, there is not much here that would have you believe in either “hysteria”, “persecution” or “fraud”. Solomon blows it right there on the front cover. Although the scientific mainstream may have cold-shouldered some individuals it is well documented that within politics (and specifically under the George W Bush regime) the men with power (mainly oil-men as it turned out) cold shouldered the entire scientific establishment on the matter. Anyone who has been pressing for action on climate change would have given their right arm for just a little “hysteria” on the matter. Clearly there has not been enough. Yes, some newspapers have indulged in their fair-share of ‘climate-porn’ but even this has done little to stir the political elite into anything resembling action. As for fraud? Well, this book presents no evidence of fraud whatsoever. So you have to wonder why Solomon (a Canadian anti-Nuclear Environmentalist) would deliberately come up with such in inaccurate, provocative and absurd title? This never really gets answered but if you were brave enough to get past the front cover then you would get the quick impression the Solomon has a big axe to grind with Al Gore (who he contemptuously cores “Mr Gore” through the book), the media and the UN. As we have seen from “An Inconvenient Truth” the Media can’t win as they get cruelly denounced by both sides of the argument. The effect is to cancel each other out only leaving us with criticism of the IPCC and the scientific establishment. So if you were brave enough to get past the front cover, the dust cover blurb and Chapter One (plus, I might add, a scornful George Marshall blog) you will have penetrated the meat and bones of Solomon’s writing on the matter – and you will be richly rewarded. This is actually a very interesting book. It is probably best if you review each chapter in the light of a little internet research but this is well worth a read. Of course for anyone who holds onto climate change with a dogmatic, faith-based, vigour then even acknowledging such a book exists counts you as the spawn of the devil. However if you really want to acknowledge that a little debate is a good thing then get yourself a copy of this and read it with an open mind. Solomon is an old-school environmentalist who campaigned against Canada’s Nuclear expansion. Back then (the 1970’s) he remembers clearly his own lobby group being smeared as the stooges of the Oil industry – hence his interest was piqued when the, so-called, climate change deniers were tarred with the same brush. His research (he is a journalist) suggested to him that the IPCC may be stampeding political opinion towards unwise action to brake climate change. This includes expanding nuclear power. To be fair to him he does not attempt to settle any arguments. He only gives room for the dissenting voices and looks at their academic credentials. Most of these skeptics actually genuinely do believe that man-made Carbon emissions are warming our atmosphere. However they admit that their own research either shows no proof of this or indicates that it will be nothing like as bad as we may have been bought to believe. Most admit that the decarbonisation of the economy is inevitable and a good thing, so they don’t care if the science is imperfect. This seems reasonable. Other analysis suggests that the IPCC processes are flawed and set out on its mission to proof that mankind was effecting the climate and tended to ignore any evidence to the contrary. Some of the IPCC gaffs were completely laughable but were later corrected. All of which leave us wondering exactly what to conclude? This is the flip side of the coin and it healthy to see this side once-in-a-while. However it all largely proves nothing other than that the Climate is really, really, complicated and that we barely understand it at all. The fact that the scientific establishment have established a mechanism for how mankind can geo-engineer the climate leaves us to conclude that we should not, henceforth, set about it with gusto. We are better off without fossil fuels – period. Many dissenting voices fear that the cost of coming off this addiction is so high that we should be more conservative and do less cutting back – or try and adapt more. This is utter rubbish. There is no future in the carbon-economy. We do it now or later. The longer we leave it the harder it will be. So we may as well roll up our sleeves and get on with it. A recommended read.

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