Ross Gelbspan “Boiling Point”

ISBN 0-465-02761-X. Published by Basic Books in 2004 as a follow to Ross’s first work “The Heat is On” from 1997. Like many U.S. liberals his scorn for the neo-con Policies of the Bush regime can scarcely be hidden. Whilst his first book warned of the imminent danger his second deals with his horror and surprise to find that, far from everyone rallying to make things better, things (in fact) got a lot worse. Climate change accelerated whilst Politicians and the Fossil Fuel Industry (at least in the U.S.) did the opposite of what was necessary. An act he labels (accurately) as a ‘crime against humanity’. He provides many stunning examples of the damage of global climate change before examining proposals to restrict green-house gas emissions. He criticises all of them before putting forward his own technology-lead (and U.S. lead) solution. Like other US journalists his view of the global problem and global solution is parochial, simplistic and naive. He doesn’t give the impression that he has actually travelled anywhere in the world and actually spoken to anyone about the issue. This is not cutting edge investigative journalism. He just read a few books on the matter. However, it is hard to criticise. His heart is in the right place and he is right. Read it for its look at corrupt Government, but there is little here that hasn’t been made public elsewhere.

About post-carbon-man

A passionate advocate of a peaceful transition to a sustainable political-economy, Mark hails from a working class farming background. Today he is a Company Director and Chairman of the Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative. Whilst at University (Engineering Masters) he was active in Conservative Student politics but has had no affiliation since. He has travelled widely on business covering the USA, Europe, Middle East and Central Asian Republics. In 2007 Mark founded Post-Carbon-Living and a year later co-founded Transition Town High Wycombe. He lives with is wife & daughter in a home they retrofitted to be carbon-neutral. Today he blogs about surviving politics on a shrinking planet and is passionate in his rejection of Nationalism.

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