Noam Chomsky “World Orders, Old and New”

ISBN 0 7453 1320 5. First published in 1994 by Pluto Press (this edition, with new Epilogue, 1997). Based upon three lectures in Cairo in May 1993. Roughly 300 pages long excluding notes, Index and Maps. The first half of the book largely details the history of the Cold War, in full revisionist form, whilst the second half deals with the Middle Eastern Peace Process. Obviously now a little dated this, nevertheless, is primetime Chomsky. Rarely has he been so lucid, so cutting, or so angry. Various parts of this revision of post war world history has appeared in his other books but here it is in its full glory. He demonstrates how Western ideology triumphed over the facts. There was never any real threat from Soviet Russia. Entirely the opposite. They remained the underdog and did far less harm to third world countries than did the USA and their Western Allies during this period. In 1945 the US stood at the brink of a global slump as the requirements for massive military spending vanished in a mushroom cloud. They could have ploughed the profits of victory into a genuine ‘new world order’ of true democracy and social spending programs. Instead they chose the route of social control. Too much democracy was a dangerous thing. Not to mention Communism. The US would maintain its supremacy and privilege at the expense of the other Nations. And its own people. Governments would be subverted and social spending would be forsaken in favour of directing Public Money into the Military Industrial Complex via the Pentagon System. The rich would get richer and more powerful through handouts of public cash. Through this work, Chomsky draws deeply on the actual historical records – documented details often released years after the events described. Events we thought we understood from history. Events we did not understand at all until great books like this are published. With the end of the Soviet Union the stalemate ended and America looked for, and invented new enemies, to keep the gravy-train running. The much-touted “New World Order” was the same as the Cold War – just more violent. The West ran amok across world affairs with the US running roughshod over the UN and invading countries left, right and center. Which takes us to Occupied Palestine and the tragedy of their people. Reading this last section of the book is heart-rendering. The agony of the Palestinians must be unendurable. I wake each day and thank some god that I was not born in Palestine. Not only do they live in hell but they have been betrayed by the US who prevented settlement for thirty years until such time as Israel had mostly built all over the occupied territories. Now Apartheid rules that corner of the world with the Palestinians having everything stolen from them twice. Once by the Zionists. Then secondly by the World who stood back and watched them be humiliated and ground into dust. We preferred the myth of a just-peace where there was only injustice. We must pray for them. A book you can’t put down. Recommended.

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