Lutz Kleveman “New Great Game”

ISBN 1-84354-121-1. Published by Atlantic Books in 2003. Subtitled “Blood and Oil in Central Asia”. One of two books I bought to read whilst on a trip to Kazakhstan. This was quite an eye-opener and revealed the politics and military engagement into the Caspian Sea area and how the post-9/11 world has been opened up by so called ‘national security’ issues. Politicians in both the west and north (Russia) are fighting over the oil resources and clashing with the inherent Islam in the area. Politicians struggle to control Central Asia and nobody asks whether it is ethical, right or wrong. Such morality is thrown out of the window in an orgy of corruption, bribery and under-hand dealings. All the Great Game players are joined for battle – the USA, Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran. Out goes the rule book as each power-bloc seeks the ultimate prize – power, money and oil in Central Asia. The losers are all the usual people – the innocent members of the public in the Central Asian countries as well as peoples of the perpetrators of the crimes. Recommended.

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A passionate advocate of a peaceful transition to a sustainable political-economy, Mark hails from a working class farming background. Today he is a Company Director and Chairman of the Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative. Whilst at University (Engineering Masters) he was active in Conservative Student politics but has had no affiliation since. He has travelled widely on business covering the USA, Europe, Middle East and Central Asian Republics. In 2007 Mark founded Post-Carbon-Living and a year later co-founded Transition Town High Wycombe. He lives with is wife & daughter in a home they retrofitted to be carbon-neutral. Today he blogs about surviving politics on a shrinking planet and is passionate in his rejection of Nationalism.

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