Noam Chomsky “Hegemony or Survival”

ISBN 0 141 01505 5. Published by Penguin Books in 2003. This was the book that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, waived aloft during an amazing speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in 2006. Chavez said of Chomsky’s work “It’s an excellent book to help us understand what’s been happening in the World throughout the 20th Century and what’s happening now.” When a President of any country stands up at the UN General Assembly, in New York, and quotes a book by Chomsky you just know that Noam’s work has just become the most important and influential on the planet. Sadly most mainstream media will quickly forget this event – even if they reported it. When Soviet Leader Khrushchev banged his shoe on the podium it was an iconic event. Sadly, Chavez’s speech will not have pricked the public conscience. He is essentially a non-person. His country has been wrecked by US Foreign policy which continues to demonise him and plot his downfall. He has an axe to grind. This book is that axe…. It tells you exactly what is happening. Read it now. Despite the fame of this work it really doesn’t cover any new ground. He catches up with the latest events in the US occupation of Iraq but does little more than dust-off and update the more original “Deterring Democracy”. As such we would still recommend “Deterring…” over this book. Probably one for the Chomsky-completist.

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A passionate advocate of a peaceful transition to a sustainable political-economy, Mark hails from a working class farming background. Today he is a Company Director and Chairman of the Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative. Whilst at University (Engineering Masters) he was active in Conservative Student politics but has had no affiliation since. He has travelled widely on business covering the USA, Europe, Middle East and Central Asian Republics. In 2007 Mark founded Post-Carbon-Living and a year later co-founded Transition Town High Wycombe. He lives with is wife & daughter in a home they retrofitted to be carbon-neutral. Today he blogs about surviving politics on a shrinking planet and is passionate in his rejection of Nationalism.

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