Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed “The War on Freedom”

ISBN 0-930852-40-0. Published by Tree of Life in 2002. Written by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Executive Director “Institute for Policy Research & Development”. The subtitle of this books is “How and why America was attacked September 11, 2001”. I read this in 2002 and am writing this review in 2007 so my memory fades about the details. I recall being annoyed by the intellectual laziness of the writing style. I have yet to read his follow up books, elsewhere on this page, but I hope he has done slightly better research. Although his heart is in the right place I found much of the ‘research’ in this book to be based upon anecdotes. He then repeats these anecdotes over and over again. The evidence appears not to have been culled from first-hand sources. Most of the work is quoted out of secondary and tertiary sources. For example Nafeez would quote an article in a newspaper then back it up with a news piece on Al Jazeera. However there is nothing to suggest that these two pieces of journalism are independent of each other or that, indeed, either are based upon the same primary sources or even based one upon each other. To then exacerbate this kind of writing by repeating the accusations over and over again would probably make many dump this book half way through. I am sure there are other books on this topic written in a more succinct and professional style.

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