Detlev J. K. Peukert “Inside Nazi Germany”

ISBN 0-14-022845-4. Published by Pelican Books in 1982. Subtitled “Conformity, Opposition and Racism in Everyday Life”. Detlev examines the social history of the Third Reich in a book that is a modern lesson to us all. As corporate fascism runs riot around the World it is always healthy to step back and look how today’s events parallel those in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. If you wondered what it was really like to live under the Nazis as an ethnic German in 1940 then read this book. You may well be surprised. We view that period of history through the black and white of wartime documentary and the Hitler mass adulation of the Nazi’s own propaganda. But what of the anti-Nazi resistance? What are we to learn?

How do we resist the fascism surrounding us in the West today? So how did the workers and young people resist the fascists? Detlev’s original scholarship supplies the people’s history and sheds new light on this period. You will learn about the ‘Edelweiss Pirates’ – groups of young people who opposed the Nazi Youth movements. Many will find this an obscure and dry read but it is an important book. There should be more books like this. We all need to learn the lessons of how to resist fascism from within the system. Recommended.

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