Adrian Wier “The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe”

ISBN 0-304-35447-3. Published by Cassel Military Paperbacks in 1997. Full title: “The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe – The Suicide Attack on the Eighth Air Force, 7 April 1945”. Why should a book on military aviation history make it to the Politics page? One good reason: aeroplanes and suicide missions. I picked this book up shortly after 9/11. The relevance of this book might pass many people by but, in my view, this should be on the curriculum of every school. Why should people be reading this? Because it challenges everything we believe to be true about ourselves. Of course it deals with only a small slice of a wider history. Using your combat aircraft as a weapon to ram it into your enemy’s aircraft and installations is as old as military aviation itself. There are tales of British pilots running out of ammunition during the Battle of Britain only to ram a German Bomber in the heat of battle. In the Great Patriotic War many pilots died deliberately placing their fighter planes into the same piece of airspace as a fascist bomber. Likewise many pilots of the VVS died crashing their planes into the Panzers of Hitler’s War Machine. In the pacific Ocean the Japanese launched Kamikaze attacks against the US Navy in a last ditch attempt to halt the spread of American forces threatening to swamp their island home. What do they all have in common? Desperation. They all believed they were defending their homes against a terrible enemy. They didn’t commit suicide. They sacrificed themselves to vanquish an enemy. They were heroes. They were martyrs. Suicide bombers on aeroplanes? Sounds familiar? Why deny that this is a normal act of war? Recommended thoroughly if you wish to really understand the world you live in. Your soldiers are terrorists, ours are martyrs. Draw your own conclusion. Recommended.

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