Noam Chomsky “Failed States”

ISBN 0 241 14323 3. Published by Hamish Hamilton in 2006. In his latest work Chomsky sets about updating many points he has already made. It would be unfortunate to view this work as repeating earlier books because that is becoming a Chomsky trademark of late. Essentially he has started to rewrite the same book over and over again. Each time it gets updated with new examples and new insight. In this version we learn more about some of the historical records he has unearthed that compare modern events to the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1930’s. The work is now up-to-date with a review of the American-lead occupation of Iraq and the fate of democracy in that country. As in his earlier work “Deterring Democracy” (which this so closely resembles) Chomsky shows the numerous examples where the US/Bush ‘Messianic Vision’ for Democracy in the Middle East has no precedence anywhere in history. Taking this point on he shows that the US could not possibly be for true Democracy in Iraq as it would undermine everything the US is actually trying to achieve – and that is a passive Client State to supply it with oil. True democracy would ally the Sunni majority in the South with other Sunni’s in Saudi and Iran. There is also a timely analysis of how the US has undermined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty rendering it completely hollow. In fact it is now completely meaningless – except as a weapon to beat Iran with. Another thoroughly recommended effort even if a little ‘samey’.

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