Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed “The War On Truth”

ISBN 1 84437 059-3. Published by Arris Books in 2005. The follow up to, and largely based upon, Ahmed’s “The War on Freedom”. (This work started as an update to his earlier book but it evolved into a new project with new material.) I have been a harsh critic of his work before. Rather than just quoting a source he would quote the testimony then quote other people quoting the same source. Or he would repeat sections of the evidence (as part of his analysis) just one too many times for comfort. His evidence was occasionally poor and he would clutch at straws with what little, flimsy, material he had – failing to see other, simpler, more logical explanations. The result was a largely dull and unconvincing read. His work was deep, complicated and sometimes impenetrable. So it was with a heavy heart that I started to read this mighty tome. It weighs in at 460 pages including end-notes. However it does look as if he brushed up on his style, got a better editor and better material. Although often highly detailed, his work is now much easier to read. He gets off to an absolutely cracking start with a fascinating insight into the origins of “International Terrorism”. He relates the convening of the Israeli-organised “Conference on International Terrorism” in Jerusalem in 1979. They concluded that all ‘international terrorism’ could be traced back to the then Soviet Union. However these findings were factually flawed. It proved to be little more than propaganda – an ideological construct that suited the Reagan administration. It gave them a label to stick on any group who opposed Washington in any way, shape or form. Thus foreign policy would shape the world, in a fashion that suited the USA, through aggressive intervention. This simple beginning pretty much summarises what this book is about. Ahmed dissects 9/11 quite neatly. He supplies ample evidence suggesting that Western Intelligence had close links to Al Qaeda and knew what was going to happen, but were prevented from doing so by the Bush administration. 9/11 was engineered for the geopolitical purpose of gaining control over oil reserves in the Middle East and Central Asia. This book presents no fanciful conspiracy theory. It has none of the aspects of Michael C. Ruppert’s work (although he does get referenced). The conclusions are the same but Ahmed keeps his feet on the ground. To date this is the best work of this nature I have read and this book is thoroughly recommended to all who want to know the most probable reasons why and how the US was attacked.

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