Gore Vidal “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”

ISBN 1 902636 38 4. Gore Vidal’s “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace – How We Got To Be So Hated – Causes Of Conflict In The Last Empire”. Published by Clairview Books in 2004. First published 2002. Here is an alternative view of September 11th 2001. Gore goes back a few years and re-examines the events behind the Oklahoma Bombing. When Gore wrote a sympathetic piece in Vanity Fair, Timothy McVeigh read it and wrote to Gore. So was triggered an exchange of letters which ended with Timothy inviting Gore to attend his execution. Sadly Gore was unable to make it that day. However he was obviously intrigued by the letter exchange. Clearly McVeigh was not the mad monster that the media and Politicians had written him off as. Here was an intelligent and articulate young man. He was a decorated war hero sickened by the first Gulf War, he refused to hate the Arabs he met and quit the army after returning home. A boy, well read and able to freely quote literature and poetry. Something didn’t quite seem right. Gore dug a little deeper into the reasoning of this young man. Timothy’s truck bomb was planted in retaliation for the Federal Government’s murder and destruction at the Waco Ranch a year before. He was enraged with, what Gore said was, a strong sense of justice. Of course this kind of language doesn’t go down too well in the Disney-Media-land that has replaced genuine enquiry by the papers and news-outlets in the U.S. Indeed, the author was actually cut-off in a live TV Broadcast just for mentioning the connection to Waco. “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace is quoted from historian Charles A. Beard. This book contains the famous compilation (by the Federation of American Scientists) of the 200+ U.S. Military incursions since 1945. The book looks at several areas of Vidal’s concern with the ultra-right-wing in America, ie, those in power. The Corporations mostly. If you have read any of the other ‘pamphlets’, launched as books, by Gore then you will know what you are getting here. Read all three as they pretty much count as one Chomsky work. Vidal is probably the most intellectual and intelligent author you will ever read. A quick read and enthralling. Recommended.

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