Gore Vidal “Imperial America”

ISBN 1 902636 56 2. Gore Vidal’s “Imperial America – Reflections on the United States of Amnesia” published by Clairview in 2004. This doesn’t quite qualify as a book for some reason. Inside the front cover the Publisher classifies it as a “Pamphlet” and Gore himself alludes to this in his own notes. This is another collection of his essays written and published in various forums between 1980 to around 2003. Although weighing in at 181 pages (including Index) this is a very light read on the unusual basis that they used very large font and very thick paper! I took this on a Business trip to Paris and finished it so quickly I had nothing to read on the flight home. I recommend taking two such pamphlets into the shower! Unlike his other work here this book is more inward looking on the American establishment. He spends most of the time examining the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and the structure of US Government with its House of Representatives, Senate, President and Supreme Court. For those not schooled in the U.S. system this can seem a little mystifying but you just need to kick back and let it kind of wash over you. You get your usual impression that Gore has hit the nail on the head again with his thorough knowledge of US history. He dismisses the normal romantic view of the Framers of the Constitution. In its place he shows them to be a special interest group (of rich men) wishing to form a way of Government that will protect THEIR Property (ie, slaves) from the mass of the population. Far from being a shining example, the Constitution is in vast need of a reformation. Along the way we learn how America provoked the war on Mexico in 1846 and the modern parallels with George Bush and Iraq. We learn how new US electronic voting systems are easily hacked but cannot be audited because of alleged ‘intellectual property’ restrictions on the technology. He denounces the so-called “War on Terror” as nonsensical as the ‘war on Dandruff’. He deconstructs the ‘two party system’ of Democrats and Republicans – showing them to be, effectively, the same thing – the ‘Property Party’. Presidents are just representatives of the same Bank that appoints them. He calls time on American Empire Building and the abuse of power by the property classes. He wants to see America learn from its mistakes. He longs to see power wrenched from the hands of the rich and handed over to the many. We wish him luck. Awe inspiring and recommended. A true visionary.

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