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High Wycombe is in Great Britain half-way between Oxford & London:

Transition Town High Wycombe


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Related Publications


  • The Future of Oil: Geology versus Technology - a May 2012 IMF (International Monetary Fund) Working Paper: "The geological view expects that physical constraints will dominate the future evolution of oil output and prices. The technological view of oil expects that higher oil prices must eventually have a decisive effect on oil output, by encouraging technological solutions. We present a nonlinear econometric model of the world oil market that encompasses both views. Its point forecast is for a near doubling of the real price of oil over the coming decade."

  • Which energy efficiency improvements qualify for Green Deal Finance? - June 2012 publication by the Department of Energy and Climate Change - "The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions for the 'Green Deal', which intends to reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively by transforming the energy efficiency of British properties. The Green Deal is an innovative financing mechanisms that lets people pay for energy efficiency improvements like insulation through savings on their energy bills."

  • From Field to Fork: the value of England's local food webs - June 2012 report by the Campaign to Protect Rural England - "pound for pound, spending in smaller independent local food outlets supports three times the number of jobs than at national grocery chains: outlets selling significant to high percentages of local food support on average one job for every £46,000 of annual turnover; by comparison at three national chains one job is supported per £138,000 to £144,000 of annual turnover" & "Local food webs extend choices of where to buy the freshest, high quality food and enable people to shop to support local producers and the local economy, to reduce food miles"

  • The Energy Report - 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 - January 2011 report by WWF, OMA and ECOFYS - "Moving to a fully renewable energy future by 2050 is a radical departure from humanity’s current course."

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive - DECC March 2011 - the coalition Government outlines its plans to support renewable source of heat for the UK starting with the non-domestic sector in 2011 and then extending it to the domestic sector in 2012 to coincide with the introduction of the Green Deal for Homes.

  • Report on the Risks and Impacts of a Potential Future Decline in Oil Production - a 2009/2010 Report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Quite a good assessmentthat concludes action on Climate Change is enough to mitigate risk. However it fails to identify the risks to Food Supplies or from lower Energy Return on Energy Invested. It sees the threat only as one to transport and it can be mitigated by more investment in oil extraction. This doesn't quite stack up to the desire to mitigate the risk of climate change. Section on Transport makes no mention of Liquid Petroleum Gas.

  • The Future is Local: Empowering communities to improve their neighbourhoods - Sustainable Development Commission Report July 2010

  • Committee on Climate Change's "Meeting Carbon Budgets - ensuring a low-carbon recovery" 2nd Progress Report to Parliament June 2010

  • Sustainable Energy Security - a June 2010 "risk insight" white paper by Lloyds/Chatham House: "Businesses which prepare for and take advantage of the new energy reality will prosper - failure to do so could be catastrophic", "Market dynamics and environmental factors mean business can no longer rely on low cost traditional energy sources", "We are heading towards a global oil supply crunch and price spike", "Energy infrastructure will become increasingly vulnerable as a result of climate change", "To manage increasing energy costs and carbon exposure businesses must reduce fossil fuel consumption" and "Business must address energy-related risks to supply chains and the increasing vulnerability of 'just-in-time' models"

  • The Hartwell Paper - "A new direction for climate policy after the crash of 2009" - May 2010 - "....proposes that the organising principle [...] should be the raising up of human dignity via three overarching objectives: ensuring energy access for all; ensuring that we develop in a manner that does not undermine the essential functioning of the Earth system; ensuring that our societies are adequately equipped to withstand the risks and dangers that come from all the vagaries of climate, whatever their cause may be."

  • The Oil Crunch- A wake-up call for the UK Economy - February 2010 (2nd) report of the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES)

  • Biomass Heating - a practical guide for potential users - 2009 - an in-depth guide from the Carbon Trust

  • Factsheets for the IEA's (International Energy Agency) "World Energy Outlook 2008" (November 2008)

  • Executive Summary for IEA's (International Energy Agency) "World Energy Outlook 2008"

  • The Oil Crunch - Securing the UK's energy future - The first report of the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil & Energy Security (ITPOES)

  • Q&A for the ITPOES "The Oil Crunch"

  • Welsh Assembly Study on Peak Oil - well researched paper

  • The Future of Oil - Energy Security, Climate Risks and Market Opportunities June 2007 study by CERES for JPMorganChase (Wall Street Investment Bankers)

  • Biofuels - an interesting study of Biofuel potential in the UK market (of unknown origin)

  • Zero Carbon Britain - a great insight from the CAT

  • The Hirsch Report - infamous SAIC Peak Oil 'risk analysis' for the US Department of Energy

  • The Oil Depletion Protocol - great idea by Colin Campbell

  • The Truth About Oil - a great piece of work loaded with fascinating facts and analysis. Read it here or get your copy from

  • Twilight of the Modern World - doomster report by Paul Thompson of the "" fame

  • Peak Oil and Rural Communities - prepared by Groundswell Cornwall but applicable everywhere including High Wycombe

  • Forfas Peak Oil "Key Policy Considerations" - Executive Summary of an Irish Government Study on Ireland's exposure to Peak Oil

  • Forfas Peak Oil "Ireland's Oil Dependence, Trends, Prospects & Options" the full Forfas Study

  • Global Oil Depletion - An assessment of the evidence for a near term peak in global oil production by the UK ERC - UK Energy Research Centre. Although the report rather sits on the fence about the date of Peak Oil it is critical of the lack of UK Government mitigation given the potential risks from lack of investment in Oil Supplies.

  • The Peak Oil Market - techno-optimistic study on price dynamics of fossil fuels at the end of the age of oil by Deutsche Bank

  • 2008 DEFRA Third Sector Strategy

  • 2009 "The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan" - National strategy for climate & energy

  • 2009 "The UK Renewable Energy Strategy"

  • 2009 "The UK Renewable Energy Strategy" - Executive Summary

  • 2010 Feed-in Tariffs - Government's Response to the Summer 2009 Consultation - February 2010

  • 2010 Renewable Heat Incentive - Consultation February 2010

  • 2010 Warmer Homes, Greener Homes - March 2010

  • Green Street Initiative by the Institute for Public Policy Research - creating the Neighbourhood Watch of energy saving

  • "How Much?: The Cost of Alleviating Fuel Poverty" - from the Association for the Conservation of Energy

  • Towards Oil Resilience - The Queensland Government's Community Information Paper

  • Planning Policy Statement 22 2004 - good Policy encouraging renewable energy through local government acion - but is only policy & largely ignored. Recommends targets for biomass heating installations and removal of unnecessary restrictions.

  • Planning Policy Statement 22 2004: A Guide

  • A Persuasive Climate - Personal Trading and Changing Lifestyles - a study on Personal Carbon Trading

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Transition Town High Wycombe CommitteePicture of the CommitteeTransition Town High Wycombe CommitteeThe Committee at work
Transition Town High Wycombe in the ChilternsSat 25th Oct 08 - Our Chilterns Showcase. Celia, Jen & visitor.Transition Town High Wycombe in the ChilternsSat 25th Oct 08 - Our display at the Chilterns Showcase
Sat 21st March 09 - Visitors to our stand at the Reggie Goves Technology ShowcaseSat 21st March 09 - The TTHW Crew Paul & Julian enjoying the Technology Showcase on our stand



WDC "Sustainable Economic Prosperity Strategy" Discussion Document - TTHW Response


WDC Carbon Reduction Framework - TTHW "Carbon Reduction and the Community" Report




TTHW "Wycombe's Energy Transformation and the Big Society in Bucks" Evidence for the joint Councils Review Feb 2011



TTHW "Our Energy Transformation - A Response to the DECC Microgeneration Consultation" - Feb 2011



TTHW "the year in retrospect" Annual Activity Summary



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  • Home Power Brochure - please print onto A4 double-sided and share with friends, neighbours and community via church, school, playgroup, clubs and societies


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  • PowerPoints covering Peak Oil, Climate Change and examples of what Transition Towns do

  • The History of High Wycombe 2000 - 2010 -  presentation to the High Wycombe Society on Friday 6th July in the Guildhall HIgh Wycombe. A history of the future. How will our town have changed in the last 100 years if we look back from 2100 and how did we get there?


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General - Local Works & Sustainable Community Act 2007



General - Community Supported Agriculture



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