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Transition Network wins The European Economic and Social Committee Civil Society Prize 2012

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Wycombe Resource Zone

High Wycombe is in Great Britain half-way between Oxford & London:

Transition Town High Wycombe


Simply a better quality of life


What happened to our quality of life? Why is everything so expensive? Is there anything we can do? There is. A Transition initiative offers a new community-lead response: localisation to bring you the best of High Wycombe - local energy, local money & local food. Let's welcome the return to resilient communities. Turn your back on austerity - discover the new prosperity - on your own doorstep.


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Loving that Local Food

Local Food GuideLocal Food GuideWarm Home HeroesOur local food shop: Local Roots


What does a Transition Town do? We build a better quality of local life through community projects. Local energy, local food, local money. We brought our community FREE Energy Saving Kits to the Library back in 2010. We brought you the FREE Local Food Guide - still alive & active in 2014. Our Warm Home Heroes tackled fuel poverty back in 2012. We can still get you deals on solar panels. We helped setup Wycombe Harvest 2012. Need a plot of land to garden? We can help you. Our outreach team used to attend public shows through the summer to advise people about local food and energy. We sat down with the Council and worked on consultations. You can visit our super energy-saving homes, go shopping for local food with Artisan Valley, read the blog and invest in our Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative.


"What we have done in Transition is to create a powerful story, around resilience and localisation, around unleashing the creative genius of communities to respond brilliantly to times of great challenge." Rob Hopkins, Dec 2010


TRANSITION is a powerful, vibrant & positive vision of a prosperous, happy, flourishing, adaptable, relocalised & sustainable High Wycombe abundant in local jobs, warmth, food and power, where children eat healthily, people have local jobs and our pensioners are warm in winter/cool in summer. A place that is wealthy but needs practically no oil or gas. All the money in the world cannot make this happen. Our quality of life is in our own hands. Imagine a High Street full of local shops run by local people. Imagine every home its own power station. Imagine every pavement a vegetable patch. Inspiring solutions; a new culture of localisation & social enterprise. A future to look forward to..... but it needs change. A transition. This is YOUR Transition.


Do NOT wait for someone to do this to you, or for you.


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High Wycombe - The High StreetTransition Town High Wycombe is a grassroots Community action group gently pulling the Town towards its inevitable localised & resilient future. It is a place for people to come together, volunteer, roll up their sleeves and make it happen. It is run by the community - for the community. Are you concerned about fuel bills? Wondering what you should do to secure your family? Need to crowd-fund your local business? Talk to us.


" one knows how to do this and that the only way we will be able to figure it out is by having a go. It invites creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurship. Every initiative will look very different." Rob Hopkins, Oct 2011

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Transition Town High Wycombe


"...plugging into local abundance..."

This transition is a civic union between local Civil Society and Local Government. The plan is to promote a community transition to a life without cheap energy and food. Instead of global scarcity we'll be plugging into local abundance. It addresses topics of food, waste, energy, education, youth, money, economics, transport, water, etc. It is a Plan that the Community will build and implement. And if you don't like it - then join in and change it. You can E:Mail us directly by clicking


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Write to us at:


  • TTHW c/o, Krofire House, 5 Richard Gardens, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 7LT



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Want to help?


We always need more self-motivated volunteers. Passionate & driven people who can run projects and apply for grants. Experience with charities or in the commercial sector would be really helpful. You need enthusiasm and a bit of spare time. We would like more bloggers too!


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Saturday 26th April 2014

Facebook & Twitter changes

High Wycombe Community Forums on Facebook

Thankyou to all our friends far and wide who have followed us via online social media. From today you will notice a change in the branding with the adoption of the Post-carbon living nomenclature. This is in recognition of the fact that, despite best efforts, other local Transitioners & Wycombites have not felt drawn to contribute to these forums. Hence the contents has always been those of our founding Chairman Mark Brown. In recognition of this solo effort the 'branding' of these two outlets now changes to identify these feeds with Mark. Hopefully this will remove any confusion about the work of one man versus the work of Transition volunteers locally. Mark now runs the Facebook page at and the twitter account that has become @PostCarbonLife. The contents will remain as before and be inspired by the Transition movement: local energy, local food and local money. We now urge local people to go and 'Like' the High Wycombe Community Forums page by clicking here. This was started by our Mayor in 2013 & fulfils everything we hoped PostCarbonLife would have achieved. We are helping to administer this page and will be inserting appropriate local Transition content there. Our work with the online local food guide and Low Carbon Chilterns continues as before.

Friday 2nd August 2013

Our phone number retired


Dear Friends - Transition Town High Wycombe has retired off its old public telephone number. You can continue to reach us via this web site, via Twitter or Facebook, and via our email address.


Sunday 25th November 2012

High Wycombe Superhome in the National Press

Mail on Sunday Superhomes

Superhome59 was featured amongst three such Superhomes in the Mail on Sunday in late November 2012. You can read the paper-version of this article by clicking on the picture above or read it online at

Monday 22nd October 2012

BIG Energy Saving Week

BIG Energy Saving Week 2012

In October 2012 we joined forces with the Citizens Advice Bureau and USEA to help Eden shoppers reduce their fuel bills. See more pictures of the day on our Facebook page.



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